Iconic Bronze Art Inc.
Business Model Outline

  • Schools, colleges, and universities all have mascots
  • Monuments are the most enduring, public embodiment for mascots
  • Acquisition of monuments is costly
  • Schools, colleges, and universities all have "booster" organizations who desire to pay tribute to their schools through gifts and donations
  • Booster organizations can fund the acquisition of monuments
  • Booster organizations are more likely to acquire a monument given an easy to acquire, easy to use, productive funding mechanism

  • Booster organizations have a desire to honor their schools with the installation of mascot monuments
  • Bronze Icons Inc. has the expertise, professional relationships, and business tools to facilitate booster organization acquisition of monuments

  • Bronze Icons Inc. has professional relationships with internationally recognized artists who have established reputations as sculptors and we have experience in the marketing and installation of monumental bronzes
  • Bronze Icons Inc. has website development expertise that can be utilize to assist it's clients in publicizing their monument acquisition plans
  • Bronze Icons Inc. has used its marketing expertise to fashion a fundraising model uniquely designed for schools that facilitates raising the "monumental" funds required to purchase and install a bronze monument.

  • Only the highest quality materials are used by our artists to create the monuments (lower-priced Asian bronzes utilize low copper content to contain the price of their offerings)
  • Every monument is a limited edition piece of fine art created by internationally recognized sculptors.
  • Bronze Icons Inc. and our artists handle all the design, casting, and delivery details.
  • Bronze Icons Inc. provides a turn-key plan for the requisite fundraising

Bronze Icons Inc. principals will work directly with the schools leadership as a liason and facilator for the school and the artist. We will customize the fundraising model (including web site, donor prospecting plan, contribution/donation objectives, donor recognitions etc.) for communicating with potential donors to raise the necessary funding.

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