Our Business Model

Specializing in the fundraising for, and the installation of, monumental bronze sculpture for educational institutions.

Our product/service – we connect educational associations with sculptors, who provide limited edition, high quality art/sculpture which can be used to adorn or enhance buildings or other sites. Bronze Icons Inc. provides a system to facilitate fundraising to purchase and install the monument. Fundraising for the monument can be expanded in scope to acquire additional funding for the organization that can then be used for other purposes.

The ability to sculpt fine art on a monumental scale requires years of experience and an attention to detail that few artists achieve. We work only with internationally recognized sculptors whose reputation and name recognition make each piece, a limited edition work of fine art that appreciates over time.

All foundry work is overseen by the artist and cast in foundries located in the United States where materials quality and durability can be validated. Beware of unsigned sculpture from overseas. High quality sculpture will and should survive hundreds of years in most environments.

Construction of bases and installations will be overseen by the artist and contracted with only reputable, qualified parties who have demonstrated experience constructing bases for artistic sculpture.

Bronze Icons Inc. not only negotiates the creation, delivery and installation of the artistic sculpture, but becomes a marketing partner with the organization in its fundraising efforts. Our background in fine art, Internet technology and the marketing of fine art, make us uniquely qualified to facilitate fundraising efforts. From the creation of marketing materials to the accounting required to track donations and expenses, Iconic Bronzes has the experience necessary to make your dream a reality.

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