The Costs Associated with Bronze Monuments.

The process of creating a monument involves several stages:
  • Stage 1: Creation and development of the concept.
  • Stage 2: Sculpting of the concept in clay.
  • Stage 3: Mold creation.
  • Stage 4: Casting the bronze, assembly and patinas.
The first three stages are a one time process. Once the mold has been created, casting costs of each piece in the limited edition are similar (although metal costs fluctuate).

The custom costs associated with concept development are generally incorporated into the first piece cast while the significant initial costs of stages 2 & 3 are spread out over the entire edition. The larger the edition the smaller each casting's portion of the initial cost. Most monuments are cast in limited editions of 5 or less and after the last casting in the edition is complete, the mold is destroyed.

The greatest savings in the purchase of a monument comes with casting numbers 2 or greater as these casting only include a percentage of the modeling / mold creation fees and the foundry costs.

Casting #1 of a limited edition incorporates concept design and development costs and is generally about 20% greater than subsequent castings.

Custom, one-of-a kind (limited edition of 1), monuments include all of the concept development, modeling and casting costs and are generally double the cost of a limited edition piece. Pricing on each monument will vary according to the physical size and complexity of the piece, the cost of bronze at the time the piece is cast and the size of the edition.

If you would like to talk about the prospect of adding a monumental bronze to your campus, please give us a call. We are more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you. (406) 360-0595.

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